Denticulate, notche, scraper, burin, perforator, points

Denticolato, intaccatura, raschiatoio, bulino, punteruolo, punte

Drawing by P. Gioia

No. 1 and 5 Denticulates
The tools with a dentate margin had a use similar to that of our hacksaw knives.

No. 2 Notches
Noched tools probably needed to decorticate and give shape to wooden pieces; they were probably used, for example, to create spears.

No. 3 Scraper
The scrapers are tools on flakes or blade (flakes longer than large) with one or more retouched edges, used to scratch and work skins and wood. The scrapers were used throughout the Prehistory but they are particularly characteristic of the Middle Paleolithic (200,000 - 35,000 years ago).

No. 4 Burin
Burins are tools characterized by a sturdy and tight transverse cut like that of a chisel, they had the function to engrave wood, bone and horn.

No. 6 Perforator
The perforators and the becs (which had a smaller end) were used to drill holes in materials such as wood, bone and skin.

No. 7 and 8 Points
The points formed the sharp end of objects planned to penetrate, such as spears.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala Espositiva

Inside the showcases located in the exhibition room, some of the more than 2000 fossil remains, found during excavation and representing the identified species, were placed.

Fossil remains of Zelkova crenata, Tree of Judah and Laurel was discovered in the deposit. Fossil remains of Zelkova leaves are exposed.