NOCCIOLO (Corylus avellana)

Corylus avellana

Deciduous shrub high from 2 to 4 m. It has a straight stem with smooth bark, brunette tending to grayish.
The leaves are alternate, large, toothed, finely velvety.

Male and female flowers are present on the same plant; the male ones are yellow hanging inflorescences; while female ones are similar to small gems that come out of red styles.

Fruits are hazelnuts wrapped in modified leaves, of form or color other than normal leaves, which have protective function (bracts).

The hall

Giardino del museo

The garden of the museum is not born by chance. It wants to give a suggestion. The walk that crosses recalls the path of a river and, on its "banks", there are some plants that existed already in Pleistocene. Almost all are still part of Mediterranean and temperate environments that characterize the Italian peninsula.