Lupo (Canis lupus)
Reconstructive drawing (T. D’Este)

Canis lupus

Slightly smaller than the present wolf, It was tall  70 to 80 cm to the shoulder, It had a willowy body with lenghten muzzle, not too long triangular ears, relatively short neck, short and hairy tail, long and thin limbs. He was a carnivorous and  hunted in group wild herbivores. It was equipped with teeth suitable for cutting large bones and tendons.

He lived in packs, adapting to all habitats, from coastal scrub to mountain forests. The first wolves appeared in Italy about 350,000 years ago. During the last glaciation are known specimens of a size significantly larger than those of today's wolves (Canis lupus italicus), which still inhabit the Apennine regions.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala Espositiva

Inside the showcases located in the exhibition room, some of the more than 2000 fossil remains, found during excavation and representing the identified species, were placed.

Fossil remains of Zelkova crenata, Tree of Judah and Laurel was discovered in the deposit. Fossil remains of Zelkova leaves are exposed.