Rinoceronte (Stephanorhinus sp.)
Reconstructive drawing (T. D’Este)

Stephanorhinus sp.

It was a sturdy animal such similar to the present ones. High about 150 cm to the shoulder, It had long paws and two horns on the muzzle, which are not preserved as fossil because they were made up by an infinity of horny filaments jointly gathered. It was an animal typical of steppe environment, and of meadows even with trees. It preferred a not too rigid climate and lived in Europe for over 600,000 years, disappearing about 30,000 years ago.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala Espositiva

Inside the showcases located in the exhibition room, some of the more than 2000 fossil remains, found during excavation and representing the identified species, were placed.

Fossil remains of Zelkova crenata, Tree of Judah and Laurel was discovered in the deposit. Fossil remains of Zelkova leaves are exposed.